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Our Services

We exceed your expectations

Thanks to our team of professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of our clients, whatever the type of company. From startups to multinational companies, we support you towards sustainable growth. Contact us and discover today how Okane Consulting Group can lead you to success.

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Expert advice

Do you want to grow your business? Looking to implement next project? Let us guide you. Simple adjustments are enough for any structure that wants to progress. But the most daring only today manage to adapt to changing markets. 
Our versatile team puts its expertise at your service to help you achieve your goals.
At Okane Consulting Group, we help you redesign your business and improve its management thanks to end-to-end intervention by the right expert with the right knowledge: assessment, design, implementation and follow-up of a global project.

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Develop your abilities

From the punctual intervention in support of a project, to a personalized and thorough follow-up, our coaches are there to accompany all your projects.
Focus on people and based on the sharing of experience and good practices, our coaches are continuously Involved in the care of the human side of change and evolution.

Réunion d'équipe


We have the knowledge you need

Okane Consulting Group has developed a training platform based on three axes:

The Improvement axis, which is based on the tools and methodologies of Operational Excellence, focused mainly on LEAN Management and Six-Sigma.

The Transformation axis, which is based on value management and consists of a combination of methods and tools from Aeronautics & Space Engineering, Lean and Operational Excellence, Business and Change Management.

The Evolution axis which is based on the Identity Balance optimization (Mental, Cultural and Emotional) as well as on the awareness through the notion of change of perception.

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Exclusive events

Team and project booster organization allowing in few days only: sharing of experience and good practices, team alignment and recovery project while carrying out an exceptional activity (driving on the track of 24H Le Mans , G-Zero Experience, visit the great Bordeaux wines, visit the Granada Alhambra, Team building in the Moroccan desert ...).


For more information, please consult our presentation brochure

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