Our Concept

Solutions for success

Okane Consulting Group connects the Knowledge, the Know-How, the Experts and Coaches your company needs to meet Improvement, Transformation or Evolution challenges. Want to discover our connection platform? Contact us and see what we can do for you.

Mission - Vision - Value


Any project or business driven by On Time - On Cost - On Quality performances always suffers an imbalance related to the weight of costs.


It then becomes necessary to transform oneself to ensure a better balance by integrating value management.


Okane Consulting Group facilitates Improvements and Transformations as a response to global competitiveness and profitability.


When transformation can no longer stand the objectives, an Identity Evolution is necessary to enable sustainable and compatible development of future challenges.


Evolution not only helps you to act differently: you’ll think differently!






Our Vision

From Improvement to Evolution

Depending on your need for change, OKANE Consulting Group helps you to Improve, to Transform and if necessary to Evolve.

Indeed, changing its identity is sometimes the only possible option to ensure that transformation is sustainable.

OKANE Consulting Group


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